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We're solving a problem we've lived ourselves with a passionate and experienced team

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The Rialto journey started with a shared commitment to equity and transformation

Rialto's founders first started talking about the problems with recruiting qualified transformation talent over a decade ago. A world changed by the pandemic and social
reckoning meant the time to build a meaningful service was now.

Our Founders

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Judith Bergstrom

Judith brings 35 years of project staffing experience, as a buyer and seller of services, CIO and consultant she has unique understanding of the pain points and a clear vision of how to solve them.

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Nicole Cathcart

Nicole brings 20 years of experience in marketing, product design and development. A serial entreprenuer, she's successfully launched several start-ups, including online marketplace Mavenindex.

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Our Advisors

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Kimberly Davis, MBA

Managing Director, Davis Professional Services

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Steve Phillips

VP of Human Resources,

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Digital Transformation & Organizational
Change Management at Fannie Mae

Geffon Patterson

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Kelley Butler

Director of Content Marketing, Businessolver

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Interested in joining our Advisory Board?
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Equity by Design

Our founders have a track record of building companies that prioritize equity and positive social change. We believe the Rialto model isn't just a better way to recruit talent, it's the right thing to do for your business and your employees.

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