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The first bias-blind talent matching platform

We're taking a new approach to recruiting: Less time, less cost, and a level playing field

Recruitment Platform

Stop spending hours finding talent that
isn't interested

Rialto takes the pain out of recruiting by matching you to a shortlist of qualified candidates, vetted to ensure they are interested in your job.

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Commit to DEI with practical ways
to combat bias

Rialto eliminates major areas of unconscious bias before you ever see a candidate face-to-face.

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"According to a September survey from Glassdoor, 76 percent of employees and job seekers said a diverse workforce was important when evaluating companies and job offers. Nearly half of Black and Hispanic employees and job seekers said they had quit a job after witnessing or experiencing discrimination at work. And 37 percent of employees and job seekers said they wouldn't apply to a company that had negative satisfaction ratings among people of color."

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The Rialto Difference


We're not a job board or an applicant tracking system—we’re a talent magnet

We’ve changed the model by designing a proprietary algorithm to match talent to positions on holistic criteria.  We know finding the right person is more than just prior experience alone; we look beyond the obvious to connect you based on additional elements, like culture and personality.


Contract, full-time, temp? Your call, there's
no difference in price

We’re in the business of introducing you to the right talent.  We don’t change our pricing model based on what your talent compensation; we charge a fair price for matches to give you the flexibility you need.


We think hiring needs to be a lot more objective than it is right now.

Our model matches and ranks candidates on your shortlist without characteristics that can make your selection process subjective.  Your team can create a talent pipeline and discuss candidates with measurable and standardized criteria and language.

Project Manager

Scrum Master

Solution Architect

Technical Program Manager


Training Manager

UX/UI Designer

Rialto Job Roles

We're focused on companies looking for a change, so our job roles are focused on digital
transformation projects and the people you need to get them done. That includes titles such as

Integration Lead

AI/Data Science Lead

Business Analyst

Business Process Expert

Change Manager

Cloud specialist

Data Analyst

Data Architect

Database Administrator

Portfolio Manager

Product Owner

Program Executive

Program Manager

Project coordinator

Equity by Design

Our founders have a track record of building companies that prioritize equity and positive social change. We believe the Rialto model isn't just a better way to recruit talent, it's the right thing to do for your business and your employees.

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